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Colour Block Basket

Handcrafted from a heavy 100% natural cotton cord and sewn in a coiling method that results in a flexible textile that is stiff enough to hold its shape. Each basket is made to order which means no two are alike. Sizes may also slightly vary.

Available in 3 sizes:
Small: 5.5" dia x 1.75" H - $38
Medium - 7.5" dia x 2" H - $55 out of stock
Large: 10" dia x 3" H - $ 85

Dimensions: See above
Designer: N/A
Price: $38.00
Item #: WVG
wvg_colour block - 2.png
wvg_colour block basket - 1.jpeg
wvg_colour block basket - 3.jpeg
wvg_small woven bowl - 1.png